How to Make Red Table Lamp

Dec 2nd

Red table lamp – Table lamps commonly use a generic socket connected to a standard plug and wire about 6 feet in length. If you have a table lamp of this kind with a cord that has been damaged, you can replace it yourself. Replacement lamp wires are available and these can be the lamp wire and plugs sold separately, or about piece molded plug sets. Take the lamp and remove the lampshade, harp, and bulb. Remove the plug shell from its base by pressing each side to release the gripping teeth. Many sticks will have the word “Push” the stamp into the metal in the right place. Lift the plug from the base, expose the wires.

Red Ceramic Table Lamp

Loosen the screws in the wires enough to remove the plug. Cut the old cord around a mouth from the bottom of the red table lamp housing, and then tape the end of the new cord to it by using electrical tape. Pull the old cord out of the top of the lamp slowly while feeding the new wire into the body through the opening. Bring 2 to 3 inches of new wire out of the top. Split the lamp cord along to separate the wires. Form an Underwriter’s knot to keep the cord from pulling away from screw terminals. Make a loop from each wire and then bring the ends of each wire through the opposite loop (this will look something like a pastry).

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Strip off over a ¾ inch of insulation from each wire and twist threads close together. Bend the end of each wire to form a “U” shape, with the free end to the right. This will ensure the wire is pulled around the screw as you tighten it. Attach one wire to each screw terminal on the socket. Hot wire will have insulation and attach copper colored terminal. The neutral wire will have ribs or other marks to indicate polarity, and ribbon to silver colored terminal. If there is a third ground wire, it will be green and goes to grounding on the luminary. Put the plug back into the base, insert the knot into the base. Make sure that the teeth on the base and the sockets engage each other properly. Test the red table lamp. Connect the cord and turn on the connector to check it. Replace harp and shadow.

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