Nice Ideas DIY Mirrored Nightstand

Nov 22nd

DIY mirrored nightstand is great functional and necessary element in any bedroom, but often many owners forget it or do not pay too much attention to its design. In them, we have everything at hand. In these cases, the most normal thing is that the drawers also have the mirror surface, to also reflect what is on the walls in front of them, not just the roof part. This type of tables will be great in rooms with a modern or even industrial touch. To complete the set, you can choose a dresser or a dresser that also has a mirror surface. You can build this table with minimal knowledge of carpentry.

Diy Faux Mirrored Furniture

Position two DIY mirrored nightstand matching the drawers side by side, with 2 feet of space between them. The bedside tables used should have sturdy tops. Cut a piece of mirror on a rectangular table. It must match the depth of the surfaces of the bedside tables, and be wide enough to cover the boards and the hole in the middle. For example, if the tables are two feet wide, the table should be six feet wide (two-foot night table, two feet of space between and another two-foot night table). Screw the MDF to the bedside tables with one-inch wood screws, first drill holes to prevent the wood from cracking. You can use a hand or an electric screwdriver depending on your preferences.

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Use eight screws, one on each corner of the two DIY mirrored nightstand. Countersink the screws slightly below the mirror surface. Fill the screw holes with wood filler. Scrape the putty with the surface of the table with a spatula and the sand is soft once it has dried. Cut a rectangular piece of MDF for the back plate. It should be as wide as the table and high enough to extend from the floor to the top of a mirror located above the surface of the table. Position the MDF behind the table and screw it to the backs of the bedside tables. Use eight screws, one on each corner of each bedside table. The length of the screws depends on the thickness of the back of the bedside table. They should not emerge inside the bedside table.

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